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Impressive Autumn for Living Room Space

autumn for living room space

Considered the most romantic season of the year – Autumn with the blend of summer sunshine and cool winter air. Will make your soul more dreamy. Everything becomes clearer, cooler, and sweeter. The Autumn sky spreads and crept into each house through the artistic hands of Architects.

Golden sunlight like honey spreads throughout the interior space to bring joyfulness. Colors are also carefully selected and blended skillfully, from fluffy white clouds to succulent oranges to new nuggets that pervade the rooms.

The interior spaces are designed to be ready for all ages to bring warm, tender, and sweet feelings to life. If you are still looking for inspiration then check out the 12 fall home decor trends below, you can save them for convenient application.

1. Pink Roses for Autumn

pink roses for autumn for living

Pink chalk is at the center of the interior decoration trend this fall.

On the outside this seems to be a spring color, but when combined with other lighter tones such as cool blue, gray tones of all levels, this combination gives a feeling warm and becomes a color symphony as it is for the fall season.

Every family has been constantly searching and saving these cute and soft fall home decor ideas with a 600% increase in search rates compared to last year.

2. Beautiful Pastel Cardboard

Let’s take a look at the room with its dark blue walls and its pastel pink decorations. The room seems to tell you in an elegant and beautiful way “let’s relax”.

3. Macrame is Back

macrame is back autumn

Note: Macrame is the technique of knitting / crocheting, yarn.

Macrame has officially left its 70s era and become a decoration trend in 2020.

Maybe when it comes to Macrame you will immediately think of potted bags, but there are actually many uses for Macrame throughout your home space. Ideas with Macrame appear from tablecloths to wall decorations or for chairs. The idea of ​​using a Macrame for your home will never run out.

4. Macrame Wall Mounted

Macrame is not only great when used as a decoration for your home, but also more wonderful in that you can make a super beautiful Macrame by yourself.

Whether you are a novice or a master of knitting techniques, you only need a few hours to bring autumn breath into your living space.

5. Autumn Wall Decorations (especially tree branches)

Autumn wall decorations

From the trend of bedrooms to the fully decorated fall living room, in addition to decorative objects, you can also try branches and leaves.

Who does not like the idea of ​​hanging jars with a variety of leaves, feathers or colorful seeds decorated inside.

6. Autumn Decorative Sccessories

The round leaf eucalyptus is a simple but beautiful plant to be used in your home. Plunging into the jar is fine too, but imagine the uniqueness that a wall-mounted eucalyptus has to offer. We love the serene, cozy beauty this eucalyptus branch can bring to any room in your home.

7. Noble Velvet Material

Until now, velvet has been a material that brings prominence and nobility to any space that takes it, and it’s no surprise – because of warm velvet, plush velvet, velvet easy to find and easy to clean.

A beautiful velvet couch, as seen in the living room décor this fall, is a piece of furniture that brings you warm air during winter and spring.

8. Velvet Feels Inviting (and is pet friendly)

Velvet feels inviting for autumn for living room space

But not only is the material used for the living room. This is also a material that brings glamor and romance to the bedroom when used as a cover for the headboard or pillow.

This year’s trend focuses mainly on this dark green velvet bed headliner. And it’s also a great choice for homeowners with pets, as velvet is easy to clean.

9. Time to Bring Green Arrays into the House

Condolences to orange as well as yellow (the two dominant colors of autumn), for now, green is at the heart of the autumn interior trend.

No one is in denial of the cute, gentle features of the traditional main tones of autumn. But combining them with the colors of eucalyptus leaves, rhubarb or ivy is also a new way to bring new autumn colors into your home.

10. The Candle Light is Beautiful and Warm

When it gets colder, there’s nothing better than a fireplace and warm candles. But in this fall home decoration trend, people are looking for simple pillar candlesticks that can be used to decorate their homes, with search rates up 39% from last year.

Moroccan-style white lanterns are quite cute but simple but sophisticated for this fall, a few glass candle lamps for the dinner table or living room will make your home much more cozy.

11. Simple but Stylish Space

If you really want to take your home decor to the next level, light your entrance or porch with these glass light boxes.

They will instantly give your living space a modern and luxurious look with just a little effort.

You can also use electronic candle lights for the safety of children and pets.

12. Brocade Everywhere

Brocade fabric with Shibori dyeing technique (Japanese ink-dyeing technique) that combines indigo and neutral has attracted more than 550% of visits on Pinterest.

Using brocade is the biggest trend right now to decorate autumn rooms. From pillows and blankets to carpets, there are plenty of ways to bring African décor to your home.

You can try creating brocade details for your pillows when decorating your living room in the fall. Combined with the neutral tone of green with candlelight, you will have a stylish autumn house right away.


The autumn-inspired rooms always give us deep emotions. There is nothing better than a deep sleep in an autumn room decor, or the warm feeling of a living room dotted with autumn motifs.

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