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Top Home Office Renovation Tips and Tricks

Home Office Renovation Tips

The COVID pandemic and advent in technology has increased work from home conditions and online jobs. If you are amongst the one that mostly works from home then you need to consider these home office renovation tips. It’s obvious that a proper workspace will increase your productivity. 

When you are up to renovate your home office, you are a bit confused about what to buy and how to restructure your space into a home office. You have to renovate within the space and budget and design your own personal workspace. You can follow the below given tips and tricks to renovate your home office in an affordable manner.

Whether your home office is designated space for running your startup business or a small workspace it should reflect the design and comfort of the rest of your home. This will motivate you to burn the midnight oil. Use the listed below to create a professional home office renovation tips.

1. Personal Space

Personal Space for home office

First thing you require in a home office is your own personal desk and a comfortable chair. Your desk should be wide enough to accommodate all your accessories and equipment.

Make sure to have a cabinet with multiple drawers for all your things. You can put a small cupboard as well, so that you can keep your files and other stuff separately there.

2. Relaxing Chair

Relaxing chair for home Office renovation

You spend hours in your office chair; therefore a beautiful and comfortable seat is worth every dime. A large comfortable chair with reclining support, proper armrests and support for your neck area is a must. Your creativity shines at its peak when you are comfortable. A few examples are – 

  • Modern Fabric Office Chair
  • Home Adjustable Office Chair
  • Ribbed Office Chair
  • High-Back Leather Office Chair
  • Tufted Fabric Office Chair
  • Classic Balance Ball Chair

3. Color Coordination

home office color coordination

Coordinate colors according to the nature of your work. Offices are generally painted in white or pastel colors, but you can’t argue as you are not the boss. But you are the owner of your home office and you can add colors that you love. Warm and earthy colors will make your home office welcoming and will also brighten your mood.

4. Make It Like Home

Make It Like Home

Give your home office a homey feel by adding photos and frames of your family & friends. Even you can add some pics of your colleagues as well, so that you won’t miss them.

Add elegant paintings and decor on the walls, add some home air quality plants or a beautiful flower vase, light up a scented candle and spread a rug or spread 2 to 3 large pillows. This way you will be able to relax and feel comfortable.

5. Store Up Some Eatables

Store Up Some Eatables

If you are a foodie chunk, then it’s the best idea to have something to eat by your side. Always store some chips and cookies in cabinets. If sometimes you have to work for long or are sleepy and need something to charge, you can always make tea or coffee and munch on something to get you active and going again. Try to add dry fruits as they are healthy and tasty as well.

6. Better Flooring

flooring for home office renovation

The look of your office is directly proportional to the productivity of your work. In fact, engineered wood flooring in offices are highly preferred by office workers since coffee spills or food stains are very easy to clean with this type of flooring.

This wood flooring gives professional and contemporary feel, along with being very affordable, durable, easy to maintain. Moreover, it looks like real wood and can withstand heavy traffic, makes zero noise, is stain and scratch resistant, and gives an aesthetic feel to your home office.

7. Add Lighting

Lighting tips for home office

Your room looks brightening with ample bright light. Lighting makes a great impact on your home office. Install big lights as well as small spot lights for the thinking time. A modern table lamp will instantly bring a wow factor to your home office.

Make sure that the lights are not dim as it may affect your vision. Try to place the lights in accurate positions for better view. The computer monitor should be placed in such a way so there’s no glare from a window or overhead light. 

8. Add Technology

Technology for office home

You always need technical equipment for your work space. You can add some technology to beautify your home office like computer, printer and phone, but you can hide clumsy chords.

Always make sure that your equipment is close to outlets and easy to access if you need to switch it on or off or unplug it. Encase chords on the desk in a fabric cord cover, and feed them in a plastic or metal cap that helps guide chords through a hole in the desk and hides them underneath.

9. Functional Furniture

office functional furniture

Your desk, shelves and other storage spaces should serve you in a better way. Think of your workflow and what items you need at your fingertips before investing in furniture, and then look for pieces that are beautiful, functional and obviously not so expensive.

Your Home office furniture should also complement furniture of other rooms in your house. A contemporary home office can feature artistic pieces of wooden or modern metal furniture, that will give an exotic look to your home office.

10. Pleasant View

Pleasant office view

Keep the position of your work desk in such a place where you can stare at something more interesting than a blank wall. Try to position your computer in such a way that you can get a relaxing view whenever you glance up from the computer and need a break.

Natural light coming from a window is ideal, but if you’re in a windowless space, atleast hang a pretty picture showcasing a beautiful scenery, above your desk. Your home office space should be flooded with bright natural light from windows that offer a break to you from the computer screen and provide some relaxation to your eyes and mind.


The colors, design and adornments of your home office will reflect the nature of your work and increase your productivity and enhance your thinking process, so make the right choices. This blog on home office renovation tips and tricks will surely help you to create a beautiful and relaxing space for your office and let you enjoy your work.

Stay Safe, Stay Working!!!

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