Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Important Notice: Please read carefully to get approval for your guest post.

Want to contribute your inside advent knowledge by writing a guest post article about home decor, home improvement, outdoor decor, garden furbishing, real estate guide, or may any topics related to these. If yes! Then we can’t wait to get your submission to be part of our Home Revup vault. 

We would like to publish your article on Home Decor Ideas…! We inspired by steller ideas…we’re always interested in promoting new perspectives and unique ideas on our core arena (i.e all about home decor ideas).

If you’re on this page ‘Write for Us’ then you must finding a way for ‘Submit Guest Post’

Here is what you need to follow to get approval for your guest posting:

01. Article Quality and Length: Article should be a minimum of 700 words (not lesser than mentioned) and maximum it can free go up to 3000 words or even more. And, the article quality must influence, very original in the piece, and worthiness to attract an audience.

02. Must-Have Image: Image adds an extra look and attract readers. Before submitting to us, please check there should be featured images submitted/present in high-quality. 

03. No Copyright Content: We positively hate to publish other writers or author content here. We don’t allow and accept an article that matches with others because we warm other hard works.

04. Plagiarism free Content: It’s important for us to get zero plagiarism content from you! Although we check your content using professional plagiarism checker software before publishing.

05. Matching Algorithm Content: Writing content from SEO point-of-view is what we love most. Remember to add a suitable title must define sub-headings, ordered formatting, etc. 

Also, we give you space to add ‘one do-follow link’ (not more than one) in your guest post article…! 

It will take 2-3 working days to make your idea publish with us due to the streaking process (that we follow strictly). 

To get started with ‘guest post’ please shoot us a mail at (homerevup@gmail.com) with scope to define about what you’re writing and little brief description.

Best of Luck…:)