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Vastu Tips for Bedroom for a Good Lifestyle

effective Vastu tips for Bedroom

Of all the rooms in the house our bedroom is our favorite. So, obviously we always want to give it the best look and the most peaceful ambiance. Vastu plays a very important role in providing positivity to our bedroom.

Here are some Vastu Tips For Bedroom, which must be followed while constructing or designing our bedroom to get the most relaxing experience in our bedroom. Applying Vastu for bedroom helps in getting a sound sleep which is essential for one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health

1. The Direction of Bedroom:

Direction plays the most crucial rule in Vastushastra. Generally, the south-west direction is said to be ideal for the bedroom, this is the best for couples as it ensures lesser fights and more love between them.

This direction will ensure less conflicts, good health, and prosperity in the family. Though, for unmarried children and students, the bedroom should be in the east direction of the house for bringing more concentration.

2. The Direction of Bathroom Inside the Bedroom:

Vastu tips for our bedroom are incomplete without suggesting the direction of the bathroom. Mostly we plan for an attached bathroom for our bedroom, then according to the Vastu, the bathroom should be towards the west side of the bedroom.

You must ensure that the bathroom is not placed in front of the bed. Always keep the gate of the bathroom closed, as it prevents you from being exposed to negative energy.

3. The Color of the Bedroom:

Colors are the reflectors of our emotion.The color of the room sets the lovely atmosphere and has an immense effect on our mood. The color of the bedroom should emit a positive vibe and feel soothing.

The ideal bedroom paint colors are off-white, cream, pink, peach, almond, brown or neutral shades. Dark shades should not be used for the bedroom. 

4. Furniture in the Bedroom:

Vastu is said to be the Science of Architecture, so Vastu tips for the bedroom must focus on the position and selection of furniture to bring happiness and prosperity in your life.

The most important furniture in the bedroom is the bed itself. The bed should be placed with its head towards the south-west direction, and the other side should be positioned in the north or north-west direction. It is advisable to place the bed at the center of the room.

Wardrobes should be located in the south direction, facing towards the north.

Prohibit storage space underneath the bed or built into the bed because this will hamper the energy flow and will disrupt your sleep.

Dressing table should be placed in the north or east direction of the bedroom according to Vastu. 

5. The Position of Mirror:

As mentioned earlier, Vastu tips for bedroom when followed in a proper manner tends to benefit us in every aspect of our life. Vastushastra suggests that the Mirror should not be kept in bedrooms.

Still if we want to place one in our bedroom, ensure that the mirror is not facing the bed as this could cause a negative impact on our health issues and bring bad omen to our home and family.

6. The Entrance of the Bedroom:

The entry of the bedroom is the entry to our dream world, it should be in the North, West or East direction of the room. This position of the entrance brings happiness and joy to the family.

Also make sure that the door of your bedroom should not produce much noise as it brings negative energy to the bedroom.

7. Photographs & Wall Decors:

Mostly people hang pictures or photographs of their loved ones or dead relatives on the wall. Pictures have a direct impact on our mind and soul, if they are placed in the wrong direction they can have a negative impact on our life.

Hence, it is highly recommended to hang or keep photos of your loved ones on the South-West walls. 

Vastu Tips for Bedroom advises not to portray adversity in your relaxing space. Following these Vastu Tips for the Master bedroom, you will ensure comfort and harmony. Vastu provides a healthy relationship and also blesses us with wealth and prosperity.

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